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The plentiful and manifold production of the painter, graphic artist, and illustrator Miloslav Troup is an inseparable part of
Czech art culture. Yet it is not easy to categorise it within any of the established art streams or groups. His exceptionality
makes him stand apart from the prevailing art styles. Thanks to his studies in France during the second half of the1940s, the door to international art opened for him. Back then, he claimed allegiance to the post-war School of Paris and took
part in their artistic events. In France, Troup’s art gained a meaningful expression based on masterly draughtsmanship and
striking colours. Strong French influences were reflected in his works during his lifetime. The environment he lived in was
always projected in the topics of his fine art paintings, regardless of it being Paris streets with peculiar figures of
stallholders, the architecture of Old Prague later on, or South Bohemian countryside.

Miloslav Troup was also engaged in tapestry designs and artistic decoration of sacral interiors. He created stained glass windows, murals, and paintings of the Station of the Cross. The spiritual essence of his artistic expression is primarily evidenced by his works with religious topics as well as themes of the books he illustrated. Book illustrations hold an important position in his work; he created illustrations for more than 140 books. His distinctive imagination helped him empathise in a vast and multifarious amount of topics and actions. 
Miloslav Troup has become one of the most distinctive figures of Czech art after the mid-20th century for his innovation attitude to art technology and composition and for the original colouristic feeling of his artistic creations and applied art.

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Náměstí Republiky 5, 111 21 Praha