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Poupětova 1, 170 00 Praha 7
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Luboš Plný (*1961) is the only Czech artist represented at the Viva Arte Viva! international exhibition at this year’s Biennale of Contemporary Art in Venice. The exhibition at the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, which will present a cross-section of his work, is at the same time conceived with a certain amount of hyperbole as an homage to the life and work of this self-taught artist and his success on the international art scene.


Luboš Plný’s work has the nature of a lifelong conceptual project, in which art is closely wedded to quasi-scientific experiments on his own body. Plný’s drawings, augmented with acrylic painting, collages, and assemblage depict the human body split into horizontal slices. Individual layers – skin, muscles, bones, the vascular system, and organs, are depicted with different colours and together form a dense filigree network. Each work is accompanied by records of how it was created.

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Poupětova 1, 170 00 Praha 7