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Daniel Pešta: DeTermination

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Poupětova 1, 170 00 Praha 7
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Daniel Pešta: DeTermination

DeTermination, the hitherto largest solo show in the Czech Republic by Czech multimedia artist Daniel Pešta, presents a selection of his works on issues of genetic, racial, and social determination, for which he won an award at the London Biennale this year. The exhibition follows several central motifs – a mask, the genetic code, and the subject of Christ, which repeat periodically in Pešta’s work and which he addresses in a systematic manner.

His video art, paintings, and objects focus on individuals and their helplessness in the face of their fate, or on the contrary depict the destructive power of anonymous society. For the centrepiece of his exhibition at the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Daniel Pešta chose a two-headed calf – an ambivalent being that elicits compassion, sometimes ridicule and perhaps also disgust, that peers down from its pedestal of a sacrificial animal on the absurdity of unavoidably repeating catastrophes caused by man.

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Poupětova 1, 170 00 Praha 7