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Frey Wille


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An International Company with Viennese Roots
The Viennese enamel-jewellery manufacturer FREY WILLE is known worldwide for its artistically authentic designs and its wealth of luminous, colourful designs.


Having rapidly expanded since 1992, the company has increased revenues to an unprecedented level, despite a general slump in the worldwide jewellery trade.


In 1951 the company was founded by the Viennese artist Michaela Frey, who created ornamental artefacts and jewellery out of enamel. Sh decorated her pieces by hand with floral and folkloristic motives.


In 1970 Friedrich Wille, a chartered accountant with a background in law, partnered with Frey, managing the commercial side of the business. After Frey's death in 1980, Wille took over the artistic management, as well. He established an international team of academically trained designers under the leadership of Simone Grünberger, who focused on the creation of decorative art jewellery, emphasizing the artistic work in every design.


FREY WILLE's decorative art jewellery has set new standards on the jewellery market with its insistence on absolute artistic authenticity. Collections undergo a two-year long developmental process in which countless sketches and colour details precede the creation of the design prototypes. FREY WILLE artists always abide by the company's high standards of art historical knowledge and detailed research work.

Design Philosophy

This unique design philosophy - realised in fine enamel with 24ct gold - as well as the highest artistic and technical quality soon met with international recognition and appreciation. Several flagship boutiques were opened across Europe beginning in 1993, and wholesale exports from Vienna throughout Europe, the Middle East and the Far East grew exponentially.

Worldwide Expansion

Today FREY WILLE is a recognized brand with more than 80 flagship boutiques around the world and sales points in 19 countries on three continents. The company's shops can be found at Europe's best addresses like Paris, Milan, London, Hamburg and Berlin, as well as at other cosmopolitan cities such as Beijing, Hong Kong, Dubai, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Los Angeles.

Over 1000 jeweller partners in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Canada showcase the company's artistic jewellery. FREY WILLE is also a successful player in the travelretail market, especially in the Middle East. The fast-paced expansion strategy continues to focus on Eastern and Central Europe, with North America and the Far East also playing important roles.

For all these international activities the company draws energy and inspiration through its faithfulness to its roots: The FREY WILLE's headquarters as well as its production site have been located in Vienna since 1951. The company's love of art and history and its profound respect towards other cultures shape the work and the success of FREY WILLE today and in future.
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