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Reduta Jazz Club


Národní 116/20, 110 00 Praha 1-Nové Město, Česká republika
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Welcome to one of the most famous centers of cultural life in Prague ! Welcome to the oldest and most famous jazz club in Prague !

History of Reduta
Reduta first opened its door in 1957 as a small experimental stage. Local "text appeals" – improvisations of renowned actors soon became very popular. In 1958, a group of jazz enthusiasts started off a jazz club here thanks to slight loosening of political control of the communist regime. Reduta soon became a place where fun and especially great jazz music was a commonplace. In the 1970’s and 1980’s Reduta became a small oasis, a point of resistance against the rigid “normalization” regime. Dissidents and avant-garde artists gathered here, and frequent debates lasted long into the night, that easily turned into frequent jam sessions, featuring Tony Scott, Acker Bilk, Chris Barber or the admirable Wynton Marsalis.

Reduta is also place where political and cultural persons meet, for example Václav Havel, Václav Klaus and Bill Clinton, who as an amateur tenor sax player in 1994 actively participated in the traditional jam session, Madeleine Albright and Fernando Cardoso, or well known cultural icons as an actor Max von Sydow, novelist Josef Škvorecký and many others.

The present dramaturgy deploys all genres of jazz production relying on traditional jazz, mainstream, funky, fusion, contemporary jazz, but attention is also paid to latin, blues, soul and gospel. The club specializes in introducing Big bands, where you get wrapped up into the happenings on the stage and become a part of the orchestra.

Reduta is also place where International jazz festivals are organized. Moreover in 2012, there was first Czech jazz Contest, big opportunity for young jazz musicians to introduce themselves in front with great assize and audience. Music production usually starts at 9.30 pm ending after midnight.

Theatre of Reduta
In the local theatre hall found home during its long history some excellent creative groups as Jara Cimrman Theatre or Ctibor Turbas Pantomime. Jiri Suchy, Ivan Vyskocil, O. Kaiser and J. Labus were also very successful with their performances. Last but not least we should also mention Jiri Srnec and Frantisek Kratochvíl, who brought to light the global phenomenon of the black light theatre.

The present theatre dramaturgy deploys two performances. Black light theatre performance called Magic Trip to Prague and new modern version of Mozart’s well known opera Don Giovanni di Praga.

Headoffice: +420 577 210 994



Opening hours

Monday 19:00-03:00
Tuesday 19:00-03:00
Wednesday 19:00-03:00
Thursday 19:00-03:00
Friday 19:00-03:00
Saturday 19:00-03:00
Sunday 19:00-03:00