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Strahovské nádvoří 132/1, 118 00 Praha-Prague Castle, Česká republika
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The restaurant is situated in the original rooms of the wine-vault of the Premonstrate order at Strahov.

First documents about its existence date back to the 12th century. King Charles IV brought new grapevine species from France and the Premonstrates, using their skills, cultivated wine of such quality that, despite the disfavour of local weather, equalled to the quality of the French wines. For that they were awarded by Charles IV. He gave them a crest, cast of which hangs over the restaurant bar.

Charles IV himself enjoyed visiting these wine-vaults – as is known, he was fond of good wine. However, a number of other famous individualities used to visit this wine-vault, among whose was Alois Jirasek or Karel Vaclav Rais, famous writers of Czech history. The restaurant was recently visited by several remarkable persons, such as Vaclav Klaus, Karel Goot, Timothy Dalton and others...

The look of the former cellar is mostly preserved, just the frequent corridors that were long ago used as secret escape ways, were bricked out.

The name “Hell" of the vaults is also original, since the vineyards, that used to stand above it, were called In Paradise, and therefore everything underneath the paradise was called “Hell”. The restaurant is divided in two sections. The upper section is typical with the appearance of a wine-vault and a stream of water runs out of the wall there, which opens into a small lake. On the contrary, the bottom section has high dome ceilings, reminding of vaults in temples. The restaurant is oriented towards the Czech and international cuisine, it has a rich choice of good-quality wines, not only Moravian.

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Opening hours

Monday 12:00-23:00
Tuesday 12:00-23:00
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