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U Sovových mlýnů 418/5, 118 00 Praha-Praha 1, Česká republika
Kampa is a romantic island separated from the Lesser Quarter of Prague by a branch of the Vltava river called the Čertovka. The water from this canal was originally used by water mills, some of which have been partially preserved. The wooden wheels of a former mill called Huť and the late Renaissance Velkopřevorský (sometimes called Štěpánovský) mill have been preserved to this day as an unusual sight. Originally there were only gardens on the island and building work did not start here until the 2nd half of the 15th century. From the 17th century until quite recently pottery markets have been held here.

The Kampa island offers beautiful views of the Vltava river, the Charles Bridge, the towers of the Lesser Quarter and the Old Town and is a popular place for walks and relaxation. In one of the low houses behind the arch of the Charles Bridge remnants of the Romanesque Judith Bridge from the 12th century can be found to this day.

Several interesting houses such as the house At the Blue Fox, At the Gold Grape, At the Gold Lion or At the White Boot are to be seen on the Kampa island.

To the north of the Charles Bridge the Čertovka canal runs along a group of houses nicknamed the Prague Venice.

Prague - House at the Blue Fox

The house At the Blue Fox is one of the most interesting houses on the Prague island of Kampa. It was built around the year 1700 and has a lovely house sign dating from the year 1664.

Prague - House at the Gold Grape

This originally Renaissance house stands on the Kampa island in Prague. It was rebuilt in the Baroque style in 1600 and later on it acquired its Classicist façade.

Prague - House at the Gold Lion

During the Renaissance period a house called At the Gold Lion was built on the Prague island of Kampa. In 1732 it was reconstructed by Bartolomeo Scotti.

Prague - House at the White Boot

This Baroque house on the Kampa island in Prague was built by J. Jägr. It is decorated with rich Rococo stucco work.