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PŘED OČIMA: Příběhy Iráku

Archive: PŘED OČIMA: Příběhy Iráku


Poupětova 1, 170 00 Praha 7
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What is the typical imagery we see related to Iraq? War, violence, militias, humanitarian crises, refugee camps - these are the public media images through which we “know” the country currently trapped in a conflict whose consequences have by now reached far beyond its borders. 


The OVER MY EYES exhibition offers an unfamiliar perspective of Iraq. 


Through the eyes of a young generation of local photographers the project presents less frequently captured fragments of reality that constitute daily life in the country: from the vastness of the northern mountainous borders, to a range of different situations across the country with the fading flashback of its recent history and the consequences of the ongoing conflict.


With unprecedented access and knowledge of the local environment the photographers bring us closer to their land, its people, their stories and to a life that goes on in spite of the war.


*The title of the exhibition “OVER MY EYES” comes from the literal translation of the Kurdish Ser Chaw and the Arabic Ala 3iny, which are both used to say “you are welcome”.

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