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Ostrá 20, 289 22 Ostrá, Česká republika
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The roots of Botanicus stretch back to 1992 and the little village of Ostra in the Czech Republic.  There, in peaceful countryside, there are 30 hectares of organic farmland where nearly all of the botanical material used in Botanicus products is grown, harvested, and skillfully turned into the range of Botanicus products.

The Botanicus range has grown into original, inspiring, aesthetical and practical products, all made on ecologically sound principles, using local skills and materials.

Modern technology is employed, where necessary, to meet and exceed global standards and requirements, but traditional values are at the core of everything we produce. We take great pride in our organic gardens and the relationship we enjoy with both the landscape and the people we work with.

One demonstration of this philosophy is the development of the village of Ostra near Lysa nad Labem, a place where the world of plants is harmoniously woven into the lives of everyone who visits and works with Botanicus.


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