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Chefparade - Your cooking school!

Chefparade - Your cooking school!


Husitská 325/56, 130 00 Praha-Praha 3, Česká republika
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Chefparade - cooking courses for everyone! Cooking courses at Chefparade are truly for everyone. For corporate clients we have culinary teambuilding, for individuals - cooking courses and private parties.

About us

Chefparade cooking school is a place where cooking and fun meet - on our cooking courses, culinary teambuilding, cookdating or your private party or classes for visitors of Prague.
We're specializing on Culinary Teambuilding as unique product offered on Czech market. Chefparade also offers custom tailor-made programs/courses or private parties according to your preferred cuisine or theme of your party.
Would you like to try original Czech meals in the heart of Prague? Why not prepare it on your own with our course for tourists . You will learn about typical ingredients, traditions and side-by-side with our Chef prepare traditional Czech Menu.
In Chefparade shop you can also buy all neccessary necessary ingredients so you can try at home what you have learned here.
We can also organize programs for bigger groups according to clien't´s needs and agreement. Capacity of oOur cooking studios is 60 people in Zizkov and 110 people in Holesovice Market Hall. can accomodate up to 55 guests, At Chefparade and Chefparade + we have training/presentation room with all neccessary equipment (projector, flipchart) for training or presentation.
At Chefparade You are the Chef - come and See, Touch, Smell, Taste but most of all Have Fun!
Contact us to order your program or get more information.

Chefparade Žižkov

Husitská 56
130 00 Prague 3 – Žižkov

Chefparade +

Bubenské nábř. 306/13, Hall n. 36
170 00 Prague 7 - Holešovice




星期一 08:30-17:30
星期二 08:30-17:30
星期三 08:30-17:30
星期四 08:30-17:30
星期五 08:30-17:30


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Foodparade speciál magazín!.

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Chefparade magazine

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